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Lil Kim Goes Hardcore

Monday, July 26th, 2010

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Although her lyrics are considered more macho than feminine,  Lil Kim’s wardrobe is decadent and all woman. This Brooklyn-born hottie shunned the hip-hop uniform of baggy pants, shirts, and boots, in favor of revealing leather and mink catsuits, rhinestone headpieces, and carefully placed pasties. “I take bits and pieces from everybody,” Lil Kim was quoted as saying of her fashion sense in Vibe. “I’ve always studied the fashion of women who were beautiful and glamorous. A lot of credit goes to my mom as well. She’s got a great sense of style.”

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When Lil Kim teamed up with Notorious B.I.G. in her Brooklyn neighborhood, she became the self-proclaimed “ghetto fabulous” Lil Kim turned the tables on male-dominated rap. The four-foot-eleven-inch vixen’s hard-core rap songs focused on explicit sexuality long the domain of male rappers. This liberated black woman also turned heads with her bold image donned outrageous outfits that often revealed more than they hid, including her surgically enlarged boobs. Although most of her records bore a “Parental Advisory” sticker Lil Kim was a critical popular success scoring number-one hits and garnering lucrative endorsement deals.

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